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PASHOM - supporting fair trade & a better world

About Us

PASHOM is a Fair Trade focussed business based in Sydney, Australia and is owned and operated by Fiona Chadwick. It was established in 2002 whilst Fiona was living and working as a volunteer teacher in Pokhara, Nepal. Apart from forming a close affinity with the country and its people, she was captivated by the beauty and quality of the products made by local cottage industries - especially the Fair Trade and ethical/sustainable businesses run by some very industrious and inspiring Nepalese women.

At PASHOM, our aim is to provide our customers with a unique range of beautiful, quality handcrafted products, whilst supporting and contributing to the sustainability of small Fair Trade cottage craft industries in Nepal. Along with supporting these industries through purchasing their products and ensuring strict adherence to the International Standards of Fair Trade, PASHOM has also created its own Sponsorship Program. Within this Program we pledge a percentage of our revenues towards the most disadvantaged employees of the businesses we support, to help pay for their children's educational costs. Its an area of our business we wish to grow over the coming years, knowing that in our own way, we are helping create a better world for the families and communities that we support. We wish to make you our customers aware of this aspect of our business as it is with your continued support, that our sponsorship program will continue to grow and make a difference, for many years to come.

PASHOM is divided into two distinct divisions: PASHOM Grassroots and PASHOM Design.

PASHOM Grassroots is our retail division, dominantly focusing on handwoven products made by a registered Fair Trade women's co-operative in Pokhara, Nepal. We distribute these products through weekly market stalls, numerous street festivals, as well as many Fair Trade initiatives throughout the year. See the Find Us area of our website for details. You can also make purchases through our Online Shop.

PASHOM Design is our wholesale division of beautifully handmade woollen felt fashion products and kids toys designed by us, and sold exclusively to our retail industry partners via the Australian Gift Fairs. We exhibit twice yearly with LIFE inSTYLE Gift Fairs in Sydney and Melbourne, with our new designs available online specifically for our retail clients, via our exclusive Wholesale Login area.

PASHOM is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand & was in the first group of businesses nationally to be endorsed by the Association as a Fair Trader Of Australia (FToA) in December 2010. The endorsement allows small businesses such as PASHOM, with fair trade at the core of their mission, to strengthen and validate their commitment to supporting marginalised producers through fair trade. The program provides a mechanism for assessment against the International Standards for Fair Trade, along with a common brand and marketing platform. PASHOM is very proud to have been recognised with this endorsement.

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