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Christmas stocking with poodle

Elevate Your Christmas with Our Fabulous Quality Christmas Stocking Featuring a Charming Christmas Poodle

Add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor with our delightful felt Christmas stocking adorned with felt balls and an endearing poodle on the front. This fun stocking is a perfect addition to any Christmas setting.

Perfect for Dog Lovers: Whether you're a dog enthusiast or gifting to a fellow dog lover, this Christmas stocking is sure to bring joy.

Crafted with Love and Fairness: Our Christmas decorations go beyond mere ornaments; they symbolize love and ethical craftsmanship. Handmade with felt in Nepal by our team of talented artisan women, they proudly represent fair trade and sustainability.

Size: 40 cm x 27 cm

Make your Christmas festivities even more charming with our Quality Christmas Stocking featuring a Lovely Christmas Poodle—a unique and cherished addition to your holiday traditions that you'll treasure for years to come.


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