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Who made your toys?

Are your toys eco-friendly?

You've most likely heard about the UK based charity, Fashion Revolution which is shedding light on the fashion industry’s creators and the often deplorable conditions under which they work. They are doing this by asking consumers to consider ‘Who make’s your clothes?”.

“We want to unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way,” their website reads. 

Well at Pashom we want to extend this movement by asking consumers ‘Who makes your toys?” It’s not just that some toys are being made under difficult conditions it is also about the processes that are being undertaken and the materials which are being used. Nothing is safer for your child and kinder to the environment than toys made from natural and organic materials. 

Young children are heavily oriented to the senses and enjoy the texture, smell and richness of toys made from wool, cotton and wood. If they are exposed to toys made from natural materials early, they will develop a healthy standard by which to judge synthetics. Toys made from metals, plastics and PVC’s are made from a multitude of toxic chemicals including lead, mercury and phthalates and can emit substances called dioxins which can be poisonous to your children. 

As synthetic toys feel smooth and look shiny they very appealing to little babies who will put them straight in their mouths. Many cheap mass produced plastic and wooden toys made in countries like China are painted with bright paints which contain lead and chip easily when played with, exposing your children to dangerous heavy metals and toxins. 


The best solution to avoid exposing your child to conventional and chemical infused baby toys is to opt for handmade toys made from natural and organic fibres such as toys made from felted wool and organic cotton.

Not only are these eco-toys good for your children, but they are also good for the environment as they are 100% natural and biodegradable. Considering that trillions of toys each year are made from toxic chemicals called plastics which break easily and cannot be repaired, that’s an enormous amount of plastic going into landfill that will never break down. It’s simply not an option for us to continue with this trend and we need to go back to more traditional eco toys which are more simple, educational and inspire more creative and imaginative play whilst developing children’s sensory data. 

Toys that are handmade from natural materials can also be repaired easily so this ensures your child can enjoy their favourite toys for longer and they do not become landfill.

So take a little time, do some research. Find out where your toys are made and how they are being made. If we all get on board, slowly we can change the world together.

Choosing to shop consciously for handmade, natural toys means you are contributing to the movement of the conscious consumer but also ensuring that we are leaving a better world for our children.

Kind to children...kind to people...and kind to the planet!