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Astronaut Finger Puppet Play Bag

Embark on Cosmic Adventures with Our Astronaut Finger Puppet Play Bag

Prepare for interstellar journeys as your child reaches for the stars with our captivating and meticulously crafted Astronaut Finger Puppet Play Bag—a galaxy of fun awaits!

Cosmic Companions: Inside this enchanting rocket ship play bag, your child will discover an astronaut, an alien, a twinkling star, and planet Earth finger puppets, all poised to facilitate hours of imaginative play and educational exploration. Your little one will relish taking this playbag and its celestial friends along on all their adventures.

Crafted with Care and Sustainability: Handmade by our talented artisans, this charming play bag is lovingly fashioned from New Zealand wool, skillfully transformed into felt. Not only is it a safe choice for your child, but it also champions environmental consciousness, aligning with our dedication to a greener planet.

Ignite Creative Play: Pashom specialises in crafting handmade toys that kindle creativity. Our toys foster open-ended play, encouraging children to weave their narratives and express their inner worlds through imaginative and creative exploration. This approach nurtures intellectual, emotional, and social growth.


  • Bag: Width 30cm x Height 19cm
  • Finger Puppets: Approximately 9-12cm each

Elevate your child's playtime with our Astronaut Finger Puppet Play Bag—a captivating blend of imagination, education, and sustainability. It's an out-of-this-world adventure that will leave lasting memories.

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