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Christmas cats in coats

Make Your Christmas Extra Special with Our Adorable Cats in Coats Christmas Hanging Decorations

Elevate the magic of the season with our endearing Christmas cats wearing cosy coats—a delightful and heartwarming addition to your holiday decor.

Double the Charm: Choose one or indulge in both! Our cat Christmas decorations offer you the choice to double the charm on your Christmas tree or share the joy with loved ones.

Gifts from the Heart: Whether gracing your own tree or sent as tokens of holiday joy, these decorations are gifts filled with warmth and festive spirit, perfect for the season of giving.

Crafted with Love and Fairness: Our Christmas decorations stand for more than just holiday adornment; they embody fairness and artistry. Each one is lovingly handmade with felt in Nepal by our team of talented artisan women, representing ethical production.

Size: Approximately 10 – 12 cm each

Capture the enchantment of Christmas with our Cats in Coats Christmas Hanging Decorations—an endearing and timeless addition to your holiday traditions that you'll treasure for years to come.


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