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Christmas Koalas in festive outfits

Embrace the Spirit of an Australian Christmas with Our Adorable Koala Decorations

Make this Christmas a uniquely Australian celebration with our delightful Australian animal Christmas decorations. These cute Koalas are ready to spread joy and smiles to your family and friends, embodying the essence of Down Under.

A Taste of Australia for All: Whether you choose one or collect them all, these charming Koalas are bound to bring happiness to your loved ones. They make perfect additions to your Christmas tree and heartwarming gifts for those far from home.

Crafted with Love and Fairness: Our Christmas decorations aren't just ornaments; they signify love and ethical craftsmanship. Handmade with felt in Nepal by our team of talented artisan women, they proudly represent fair trade and sustainability.

Size: Approximately 10 – 12 cm each

Make your holiday season extra special with a touch of Australian charm. Our Koala Christmas Decorations are delightful and cherished additions to your festive traditions, treasured year after year.

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