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Bear face bag and bear face purse - brown

Embrace Sweetness with Our Irresistible Bear Bags and Purses

Get ready to discover the sweetest companions your child will ever bear—our enchanting bear bags and purses, designed to bring joy and smiles to your little one's world.

Bear Bag Charm: Our delightful bear bag features intricate stitching and felt detailing on the face, making it a charming and lovable accessory. It comes complete with a beautiful felt ball strap for added whimsy.

Bear Face Purse: The bear face purse is not just cute but functional too. It's equipped with a zip to securely hold coins and other cherished treasures.

Crafted with Love and Sustainability: These bear items are carefully handmade by our talented artisans, using New Zealand wool transformed into felt. They are not only safe for your child but also embrace our commitment to a greener planet.


  • Bag: Height 16cm x Width 18cm, Strap Length 95cm

Our bear bags and purses are more than just accessories; they are companions that add a touch of sweetness to your child's daily adventures. Crafted with quality and care, they're a delightful blend of functionality and charm, ready to bear your child's soul and treasures.


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