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Leopold the Lion Doll

Meet Leopold the Lion: A Majestic Companion for Your Child!

We are delighted to introduce you to Leopold the Lion, a magnificent and enchanting friend who will capture the hearts of both you and your children. This lovingly handmade lion is crafted from 100% wool, featuring realistic details, including a wild and beautiful mane that adds to his regal charm. Leopold is sure to become a loyal and treasured companion in your child's life.

A Timeless Gift: Our beautifully crafted lion toy is not only a perfect gift for a new baby but also a wonderful addition to any child's room. Leopold's exquisite design and craftsmanship make him a collectible piece of art that you may find equally enchanting to keep for yourself.

Ethical and Eco-Friendly: Leopold is handmade with New Zealand wool, skillfully turned into felt by our talented artisans. We are dedicated to creating toys that are not only safe for your child but also gentle on the planet. You can feel good about choosing a toy that values both your child's well-being and environmental sustainability.

Inspiring Imaginative Play: At Pashom, we specialize in making toys that inspire open-ended play. Leopold encourages children to create their own stories and express their inner worlds through play-based learning. This type of creative play fosters intellectual, emotional, and social development in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Size: Leopold stands at 21cm in height and measures 11cm in width, making him the perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle.

Invite Leopold the Lion into your child's life, and let the magic of imaginative play begin. Leopold is more than a toy; he's a friend, a companion, and a source of endless adventures.

Make Leopold a part of your child's story today!

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