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Mice Christmas Decorations

Add a Dash of Cuteness to Your Christmas Tree with Pashom's Christmas Mouse Decorations! ğŸ­ğŸŽ„

Celebrate the season with adorable flair by adorning your Christmas tree with our charming Boy & Girl Mouse Decorations. Dressed in festive red and green, these cute little rodents are ready to sprinkle your holidays with love, joy, and a dash of whimsy.

🧀 Boy Mouse Decoration: Our festive boy mouse decoration brings a delightful touch of holiday cheer. With intricate felt stitching and felt ball accents, he's the epitome of Christmas charm. Measuring approximately 10 - 12 cm, he's the perfect addition for those who adore all things mousy.

ğŸŽ€Â Girl Mouse Decoration: The girl mouse decoration is a precious addition to your holiday decor. Dressed in a darling felt skirt and red bow, she's an embodiment of yuletide elegance. Handcrafted with love by our artisans in Nepal, this ornament adds a warm, handmade touch to your festivities.

Whether you're a collector of unique Christmas ornaments or simply want to infuse your tree with a burst of character, our Christmas Mouse Decorations are a delightful choice. Ethically crafted and fair trade, these ornaments are not only whimsical but also carry the values of sustainability and love.

Transform your holiday decor into a playground for these adorable mice and relish in the charm they bring. Make your Christmas magical, one cute mouse at a time!

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